Best tourist information for Nessebar 2018

Nessebar, Bulgaria is the best place for holiday during 2018

Standing strong for more than 3 000 years under the melting sun and raging storms, in the name of Nessebar Bulgaria has one of the most powerful magnets for tourists for decades. Speaking of storms, one particular at the end of the winter, ravaged the coast near the town and that created turmoil in the process of preparation for the 2018 summer. But in July and August, such incident will probably fade away as a bad memory – this is the time when Nessebar beach happens to be crowded. But not so much to make it impossible to find a spot for your towel or a vacant sunbed under the parasol.

The beach and the history: Two sides of the coin of Nessebar holidays

While cannot literally flip it in a blink, the guest of the town can switch from the one place the town has been famous for to the other. What was the case of you first hearing about Nessebar, Bulgaria? These days it was rather likely getting to know about the town while searching for a new location to spend the summer break. Those who choose Balkan Holidays deals will have the best chance to receive a great value for money vacation on one of the most historically rich venues on the Bulgarian part of the Black Sea coastline.

So Nessebar beach is located in the modern section of the town – the one spreading over three-quarter of the territory of the borough. Actually, there are two strips of sand – the northern looking to Sunny Beach and the southern opening the look to the deep sea and to the waterway to Pomorie and Bourgas. And logically the greatest number of Nessebar hotels is to be found in the newer part of the town.

Around the beach are located some of the best restaurants and nightclubs. But Nessebar old town has an outstanding reputation for the great places to eat and drink too, and this is actually not the main reason for the ancient part to be famous for. Well, besides the beach here’s the other or even the leading incentive to embark on a trip to Nessebar, Bulgaria.

The signs of Antiquity

The tiny peninsula linked to the mainland by a narrow strip has been populated continuously for more than 30 centuries and the cobbled streets of the area bring the scent of the old times. That part of the town has been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage site for a reason. Most of the hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria will support if you wish to walk around the ancient section and get to know more about it.

The prospects of the 2018 summer do not predict any significant change compared to the previous years. Well, being increasingly popular in the past decades that added to already significant fame of Nessebar, Bulgaria will make more people go for a booking there earlier. If you wish to receive best of both seaside worlds, don’t play with your chances and reserve a suite in advance with Balkan Holidays. Booking up-front on one of the greatest resorts on the Bulgarian coastline is surely a safe bet.

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