Free lift passes are coming with Borovets holidays reservation

Borovets Holidays

Sitting by the fireplace or going to some unknown place for Christmas? Or both? Choosing among Borovets holidays options will give you the opportunity to enjoy a truly fine vacation enclosed by the astounding natural beauties of the Rila mountain region while lavishing on great condition of accommodation on affordable price. Being the most traditional Bulgarian resort, the closest winter centre to Sofia from the national Top3 becomes busier day after day when the calendar is about to end. And 2017 is no exception.

The oldest snowy vacation village in the country is booked close to its full capacity for Christmas and New Year’s Eve but there are still several available choices for Borovets holidays experience. And while the night to welcome 2018 is more distant in time than the date when Jesus Christ was born, the demand for the week including 31st December/1st January is greater. Only a few inns happen to still have a vacant room and on the list of available choices, you can’t miss noticing the opportunity to reserve a twin suite in Hotel Rilla. This 4-stars lodging might cost below 1500 GBP to a couple (flight included!) and the New Year’s special privilege is the free pass for the lift and half-price discount for ski and board packs.

In Balkan Holidays’ list for Borovets holidays for availabilities starting from 30th December, there are even more affordable inns like the 4-star Hotel Samokov – the expense per person amounts between 500 and 600 GBP. Remove one star and only one option remains in the menu – Hotel Iglika Palace, tempting the guests with an offer that might go down to 400 GBP per person.

Christmas at Borovets – favourite for a family vacation

No argue – the family has to be all together to wait for Santa Claus and his presents. Well, a week-long break at the Rila mountain resort is a gift by itself. Few are the alternatives for a 4-members kin to be accommodated for holidays in Borovets. Hotel Rila is here to the rescue once again with the combined expense of less than 2600 GBP including the plane tickets. Mummy, daddy and their two kids could spend half of that price if they book an apartment in Borovets Aparthotel Gardens.

The options for Borovets holidays are more flexible if the group is smaller. It’s easier for a couple to find a room for Christmas – at least half a dozen ads continue to be on display. All lodgings mentioned are in the game for such combination and Hotel Ela and Hotel Lion have to be added to the list.

You won’t be left out in the cold if you’re quick enough to book a suite in the Rila mountain resort. And even having a cosy and warm room to stay there is plenty of things to do outside considering Borovets holidays activities. Skiing for Christmas or New Year’s is the main agenda between the nights of celebrations and toasts. A walk in the snow is a good idea too but don’t get too far. And again Borovets has some of the best mountain experts and ski teachers so the safe joy of the holiday is guaranteed.

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