Pamporovo ski resort – the biggest winter complex on Balkans map

Embraced by the magic of Rhodope mountain and far enough from the city buzz we can find the biggest winter complex on the map of Balkan peninsula. Two years ago Pamporovo ski resort stepped up bravely with a bold plan – to merge forces and lands with the nearby town of Chepelare. The idea was to connect the slopes of Pamporovo to the Mechi chal tracks and the combined length to exceed 80 km. The challenge was accepted and actually overcome for the bigger part of it.

The rise of 30 percent in tourist flow for the last season represents convincing evidence in that direction. 13 thousand people every hour hit the slopes in the high season of 2016-17 winter and the expectations for the next season are even higher.

What is even more appealing about this resort is the fact that Pamporovo-Mechi chal almost always turns its face to the bright side. With more than 100 sunny days in a single season, the Rhodope complex charms the skiers and the guests with a warm welcome. And warm doesn’t mean a lack of snow – 90 percent of the trails are equipped with snow machines in case the weather report happens to be unfavourable about flakes falling from the sky.

Pamporovo ski resort

Those who prefer the thrill of the risk would probably say that Pamporovo wouldn’t top the list of excitement. Although four out of 14 pistes are Black runs – the hardest type reserved for experienced skiers and professional sportsmen only, the Rhodope complex is considered somewhat more welcoming to the beginner profile of visitors. Two Green and six Red type tracks are there for all who are ready to enrol at the ski school.

Expansion of the winter centre brings up another challenge in terms of possible shortage of places to stay. Dozens of hotels available in the area of Pamporovo ski resort – here you can find some part of the accommodation options . The villages in the vicinity of the complex also provide houses for tourists and visitors and give them the choice to learn something about the unique folklore and cuisine of the region. Pamporovo-Mechi Chal isn’t so much about the nightlife but you can find lots of pubs and restaurants offering delicious meals.

The main inconvenience of the biggest Rhodope tourist site though occurs to be the lack of big airport nearby. The closest city is Plovdiv which is situated about 85 km from the center of the resort but its airport is limited in service and quiet most of the time – only a few flights a day do not bring up much for the growth of tourism in the area. The capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, is 240 km away from Pamporovo.

But reaching to the heart of the Rhodope mountain makes you forget about such issues. The local people claim the mountain has a soul and you can really feel the spirit of it there. Whether going for a ride at Pamporovo ski resort or for hiking in the endless forest around – be sure, you’ll have some unforgettable moments.

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