Ski Bansko: resort info and tips [2018 edition]

The world fame of Bansko ski zone is growing and is here to stay. The leading Bulgarian winter resort has been granted with the honor to host World Cup competitions in Alpine skiing for three consecutive years, starting from the 2018-19 season. It’s not the first winter for the Pirin mountain resort to be included in the FIS calendar – such recognition turns to be a well-established tradition for Bansko, Bulgaria. And while the fans of the Alpine sport already feel anxious concerning the future visit of the record World Cup holder Marcel Hirscher, the regular guest wonder if the FIS Tour would impact negatively on their winter vacation plans.

It wouldn’t make any difference out of the World Cup weekend

bansko ski season The most prominent winter resort in Bulgaria will host three competitions of the main international circuit. And these three starts will happen in a matter of three competitive days. It means that the Alberto Tomba piste has to be prepared and maintained a week or longer before the races come to Pirin. FIS calendar set 22-24 February for the starts at Bansko ski resort – the Alpine combination, Giant Slalom, and Super G. Undoubtedly, the town and the slopes will be enormously busy 10 days before the event so if you book Bansko holidays make up your mind to avoid the period between 20th and 25th of February 2019. Reserving a room in Bansko for a week-long stay starting from 10th of February or 1st of March would not make a significant difference compared to the previous seasons. Of course, everyone would love to watch Marcel Hirscher and to shake hands with the holder of the World Cup. But planning to enjoy pleasant and stellar Bansko ski holidays in December, or sometime around the season finale in mid-March, the ordinary guests should not notice a big difference. And Bansko snow report promise to be favorable for at least a quarter of the year, even longer.

Pirin is the home of one highly-valued winter zone

That claim would not change in the coming winter. Last season Bansko ski resort lost the leadership in the ranking in the category “most affordable winter destination” after seven consecutive years of an unprecedented run. The most prominent Bulgarian resort is still one of the cheapest picks in Europe concerning the accommodation and daily expense. Booking the hotel through Balkan Holidays service will provide you with all benefits available at the Bansko ski area.

The town is active year-round

winter Bansko cityLots of tourists come to Bansko, Bulgaria even out of the snowy season. Pirin Mountain is gorgeous, and thousands of people love to hike around in May or August. And still, the town and the area around it become more lively when the Bansko snow report shows that there is a “powder” on the slopes and that the temperature slips below zero. This is how the FIS World Cup got to know about the place.

The piste named after the legendary Italian racer Alberto Tomba is one of 18 tracks in Bansko ski resort. The total length is more than 75 km which is far less from the famous Swiss or Austrian zone in the Alps, but on the national level, no competition beats it by now. The rookies would find it hard to learn and practice on Bansko ski map but the deals are coming with the lift pass will at least make them try longer before giving up (or if giving up). The pros do not worry so much about the tracks but more about the ride to & from Sofia that takes more than three hours. But when the Bansko snow report is favorable, everybody’s happy.

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