The way Borovets ski resort tries to beat the odds

Borovets ski resort

The attempts to cause a U-turn of the trends is something Borovets ski resort deserves the honorable mention in the last few years. Not really bright are the prospects for the future of the winter sports industry according to a recent article based on the data of the main ski centers in Europe. The number of people who practice some form of physical activity on the snow being it skiing or snowboarding decreases continuously. And the perspective of the shrinking in the foreseeable decade or two isn’t about to change. Skiing is associated with the generation of “baby-boomers” born in the second half of the 20th century while their offspring happens to be less interested in winter sports and this is a problem added to the demographic collapse in Europe.

Borovets ski holidays occur to gain in popularity due to the après-ski spectrum next to the excitement on the slopes. A variety of options for the young and the wild lurks from every corner if the thrill on the snow doesn’t make the blood freeze but actually makes it burn hot. As you may see the nightlife in the most prominent Rila mountain vacation village is really vibrant and colorful.

The magnet of the discounts for the youngsters

To counter the negative tendencies, for the 2017-18 cold season in Bulgaria Borovets put the accent on the youth. Trying to attract the teenagers and young adolescents, the oldest ski resort in the country comes up with special prices for everyone aged 22 and below. The age span 14-22 is included in the adult’s fee list in other places but Borovets holidays will cost significantly less to high-school kids and college students. The money needed to be spent for a week in the Rila mountain complex it goes as low as nearly 50 percent cheaper for the youngsters. And for the grannies too.

For example, the lift pass for 6 days amounts to 84 GBP for the minors above 13 years and those who have turned into lawful age compared to the 120 GBP what is the standard charge for the adults – the same fee goes also for the elderly skiers. Any given weekday at Borovets ski resort represents a chance for the 14-22 age categories to pay half the price for the ski card, including the season pass. Huge discounts of that kind made many local youngsters try what is like to ski or board for the first time in their life.

The reason to come and try is present when the cost is affordable but what will make a youngster or anybody to return once again is the sense of joy and achieving. In order to be more of a complete rider on the slopes any rookie would need good teaching and in Bulgaria Borovets holds the flag for having perhaps the best ski schools among the top ski resorts. The prices of tuition do not cost much even for the local people and for guests coming from abroad it’s really a deal. And who knows, sometimes soon Borovets might be pointed as the engine for turning back the ebb to a tide when it comes to the interest towards snow sports among the younger people.

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