This is Bulgaria: stunning views, endless emotions, and good vibes

If you learn to say more than just “Zdravey” (“Hello” in Bulgarian) you will probably realize that Bulgarian people love the land they live on and adore all the wonders of nature it was gifted with. Having a chance to visit the country will quickly give you the clear idea why these people are so proud to live in such great and diverse environment. But if you totally unaware of what this Balkan area really looks and feels like, the best way to see and experience it for yourself is to go on cheap holidays to Bulgaria.

Is it really the most affordable seaside destination?

Definitely. If we speak about EU countries – Albania turns out to be cheaper but the safety concerns will have a reason there. Except for the cheap holiday places a vacation on the Black Sea is highlighted with a better level of security regarding the regional competition in terms of affordability. Even in resorts like Sunny Beach which occurs to be a favorite focal point for the party people the accidents happen relatively rare. This small town comes up with some of the greatest deals for package holidays in Bulgaria but it’s not the lone choice for this type of reservation. Reviewing the list of Balkan holidays – one of the best tour company in the region will give a long list of places and hotels available during the summer.

What part of Bulgaria is worth to visit more – the sea or mountains?

We would recommend trying both options if you have the time and of course – the budget to make it happen. A travel to Bulgaria in the hot season traditionally makes more sense if the agenda is to spend a week on the beach. The summer in the Balkan country is warm and for more than three months the temperature of the air and the water is favorable for a seaside vacation. In Bulgaria weather should not be of great concern in the planning of summer dreams.

A trip to the highlands like Rhodopes or Rila represents another great opportunity to spend some wonderful time in the Balkans. Did you know that the whole peninsula was named after a mountain range halving the country to a northern and a southern part – recently it’s called Stara Planina but the old name of it was Balkan. And the easternmost hills and peaks actually touch the Black Sea. So a travel to Bulgaria might be planned with the Sunny Beach vacation, for instance, as the primary agenda with a secondary option to trip in the mountains for several days for an even greater experience.

Where are these breathtaking views to be found?

The cheap holidays to Bulgaria might bring the chance to hold some dear memories strengthen by the pictures of natural beauties. The mountains undoubtedly give the chance to see and embrace some of the most gorgeous places in the country. But the Black Sea isn’t scarce when it comes to the “postcard” objects. Booking the package holidays to Bulgaria means you are about to see for yourself at least one or two of the greatest views on the Black Sea coastline.

You might choose Golden Sands, Nessebar or Sozopol – every resort of the mentioned is situated in or near a picturesque area. The beaches are full of sand but next to the strips employed for recreation a traveler might enjoy the harsh beauty of a rocky cliff that kisses the salty water.

Get ready for the good times!

You can find it everywhere, really. Just make sure you know what want except for the cheap holidays to Bulgaria you have attracted to. If you prefer the parties and the buzz, then a Sunny Beach vacation will make you feel like riding the wave. This resort is often described as the Balkan answer to the disco craze of Ibiza. If you wish to spend your summer break more peacefully and noiselessly – well, you can pick some other options like Albena, Golden Sands, Nessebar, or Sinemoretz. A cliché turning out to be the reality in the country – a travel to Bulgaria has something for everyone to enjoy a wonderful time during the mid-year holidays.

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